Finer Options for the Best Lesbian Options in Lesbian Options

For eight years now every month we talk about sex and what conclusions we did not reach! Once upon a time, we offered you intercom sex, and recently we were taught to use Skype for indecent personal purposes.

Do not wait

You will never hear from us that sex on a first date is bad. And we will not shout that it is good. But experience suggests that sometimes a dashing beginning leads to a happy ending. After all, the fact that he could not cope with anxiety, rather a good sign. And we will never insist that the main thing is to get married (although we’ll show you how to do it – see page 100), we will first try to convince you that marriage should only be happy, and if it does not work out well its to hell. From the black lesbians tube this is the perfect deal.

It was, is and will be

You need to love yourself first of all (this is propaganda not of egoism, but of orgasm). That is why we will not tire of repeating that men need to show and tell how to act, so that you feel good. Look for the following tips on this topic in room 101 – but for now we’ve gone to practice. What, you thought, our knowledge – purely theoretical?

Met talked

The best sex tips from Glamor

  • In almost every issue we tried to derive the formula for a perfect date.
  • Flirt recklessly to show: you are a woman, not a true friend.
  • Kiss . If there is no attraction, then why waste time?
  • Dress up in yourself . Better not say.
  • Do not chat about your ex. You also do not want to hear about his first love and second sex?
  • If he is late, you should not show miracles of mercy. The image of an all-understanding woman is useless.
  • Although you are the loveliest in the world, do not show him the photos of girlfriends.
  • Do not go too far with sincerity : see the point about why it is necessary to flirt.

The best sex tips from Glamor

Before you have sex, hug your man and lie down for a couple of minutes. And then everything goes as it should.

Talk to him about sex. Such conversations in terms of impact are not inferior to sharing porn.

If you go crazy when he kisses you on the ear, tell him about it. Experts support: “For women, erogenous zones may be in the most unexpected places. A regular partner has the right to know the shortest paths to your orgasm.”

Never imitate an orgasm: your partner will decide that he did everything right, and he will repeat mistakes again and again. If you know what you need for happiness, take it by the hand and show what to do.Buy a toy. Not in the Children’s World, but in an adult store. Beginners can visit the linen department, advanced users – the section of silicone products.

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